Does Microwaved Food Have any Nutritional Value?

The microwave oven has always raised some questions regarding the nutritional value of the food because of the radiations used during the cooking process. Moreover, modern microwaves are no longer used simple for defrosting or reheating the food. If you read the Panasonic nn sd797s review, you will see that this modern oven can be used for cooking different types of food and it can even keep the food warm until you are ready to serve it. Therefore, we are using microwaves a lot more than we used to a few years ago, when the microwave oven was only used for reheating leftovers. Considering the popularity of this kitchen appliance and the functionality it provides, we thought it would be appropriate to offer you some arguments regarding the safety of microwave cooking. Keep reading to discover whether or not microwaved food has any nutritional value and if you should continue using the microwave oven.

The microwave radiations are not dangerous

The first thing you must understand when it comes to microwave cooking is that the radiations used during the process are completely safe for you and they don’t alter the food in a way that could become dangerous. The frequencies of the waves are of low intensity and the food is not altered in such way that would become carcinogenic. By microwaving your food, you will not destroy its structure.

High temperatures always break down nutrients

Almost every cooking method destroys the nutrients in the food because of the high temperatures reached during boiling, frying, or grilling. Exposing the food to the temperatures inside the microwave oven does force some vitamins and nutrients to break down but this happens during any other cooking method that implies high heat. If you compare microwave cooking to any other method, you will discover that each one has its drawbacks when it comes to the nutritional value of food.

Cooking in the microwave takes less time

The cooking time is essential when it comes to preserving as many nutrients as possible because the more you expose your food to heat, the higher the chances to lose its nutritional value. In this aspect, the microwave oven wins some points because the time required for cooking the food is shorter than in most cooking methods. This is due to the deep penetration of the food which ensures it’s cooked faster so the heat damage on the nutritional value will be lower.

You use less liquid so more nutrients remain

Another detail that influences the nutritional value of the food you cook is the amount of liquid you use. When you boil food, you use large amounts of water and all the nutrients in the food go into that water and are wasted when you throw it away. When cooking in the microwave, you use a much smaller amount of water so fewer nutrients leave your food and are lost in the liquid. This results in healthier food with a higher nutritional value that is also tastier.

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