How to Heat a Small Kitchen with Minimum Costs

When it comes to finding the best heating solutions for small kitchens, the most convenient options are those that take little space and help you save money on the initial cost and the energy bill, particularities that you will find in the following heating methods.

Use an infrared heater

The infrared heater remains the most equitable way to heat a small kitchen because it’s energy-saving and creates a large amount of warmth that easily spreads into the room. The radiant heat emitted by the infrared heater will turn out to be enough to heat a small kitchen in a short time so you won’t have to keep it turned on for too long. We recommend that you use an infrared heating panel with a built-in thermostat that you can place on the ceiling so it will radiate heat towards the entire kitchen area. Set the thermostat to a medium temperature and the infrared panel will heat up until it reaches that temperature then it will turn off to save energy.

Opt for an oil-filled radiator

Another good choice for heating a small kitchen is the oil-filled radiator that works on hot oil that floats inside the columns of the heater and radiates heat when the metal housing is getting very hot. Although this type of heater runs on more electricity than other models, the advantage is they heat up very fast and turn off as soon as the air temperature reaches the desired level. This is due to the integrated thermostat and the adjustable heat levels that allow you to choose the lowest level to heat your small kitchen. Oil-filled radiators come in a wide range of sizes starting with compact models of only 6 columns so you will manage to save space in a small kitchen. You can find models with prices starting at $30 to keep the investments low.

Turn on the stove

Some people choose to heat their small kitchen using the regular gas stove because it uses little gas to heat the air in a short amount of time. If you need to stay in the kitchen and you want to increase the temperature, turning on the stove could be a great idea that will be less expensive than turning on a heater. The fact that your gas stove is probably connected to a gas line means you won’t need to perform any type of modification nor will you have to invest in a new heater. Electric stoves are more energy consuming so you should avoid this option if your kitchen is equipped with an electric stove.

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