How to Cool Your Kitchen in the Summer

Summer might be the best season when it comes to fun activities like swimming and going out, but it’s the worst season to cook in. The kitchen becomes infernally hot, and this is a problem for all the people who are stuck with this chore. To make it more bearable to be in the kitchen when summer comes, continue to read this article and apply the kitchen cooling tips given in it.

Use a single light source

A common mistake that people make when they design their kitchen is that they place too many lighting sources. Instead of filling the entire kitchen with a lot of lighting sources just for the sake of a spectacular look, go with a single light source. This will help you keep the kitchen cool due to the fact that heat will be given off by a single light. In addition, it will save you a lot of money on the electrical bills as well.

Cool the kitchen with the Dyson AM07 tower fan

To keep the kitchen cool during summer without spending a ton of money on the electrical bills, use the Dyson AM07 tower fan. To buy this device, you have to spend about $350. You can place it anywhere you want in the kitchen. It has a bladeless design that makes it safe for households that have children and pets. This tower fan allows you to turn a knob in order to set the speed setting that you desire. It’s incredibly quiet. Therefore, it won’t be a distraction for you when you cook. You can program it to automatically shut off after between 15 minutes and 9 hours for the unit to not work more than it’s needed. In addition, it’s Energy Star compliant, which means that it consumes a lot less energy than other tower fans on the market.

Ensure proper ventilation

An important step to take into having a cool kitchen when summer comes is to ensure proper ventilation. Keep the kitchen windows open for free air circulation when you cook and after you finish cooking. This will get the strong smells and the hot air out of the kitchen. Also, you can install an exhaust fan to increase the kitchen’s ventilation.

Cook without fire

During summer, it’s best to try and avoid cooking with fire overall. Cooking without fire will help maintain the kitchen cool, and it will help you when it comes to your health as well. Instead of eating meals that are fried, cool yourself naturally by eating fresh fruit and vegetable salads. You will save a lot of time by cooking these types of meals, and you will save fuel as well.

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