Easy Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Knives Sharp

Having sharp knives in the kitchen can significantly ease your cooking and can be the secret to perfectly prepared ingredients that enhance your recipes. In order to maintain your knives sharp, you have to good care of them, care that implies various steps that you will discover in the following lines.

Use your knives properly

The most common way in which you can destroy a knife’s blade is to use it for any other purpose that cutting. Trying to smash things using your knives, cutting hard items like wood or wires, or using them as hammers or screwdrivers will damage the blade and will take away its sharpness. Before you expose your knives to any type of treatment, remember they have been designed for cutting purposes only and you should only use them in the kitchen.

Use soft cutting boards

The cutting board you choose for cooking is very important in keeping your knives sharp because the material can either damage or protect the blade. The best option is the wooden cutting board with a soft texture that allows the blade to slightly penetrate their surface so the sharpness of the knife will remain intact. You can also opt for a plastic cutting board that is not as soft as wood but manages to protect the blade better than other harder choices like marble or glass, which should be your last option.

Store the knives well

In order to prevent your knives from becoming dull, store them properly so they won’t hit against each other or against other pieces of cutlery. Some knives come in a convenient wooden holder that stores each knife separately but others have to be kept in a drawer where you should use a knife blocker or get individual silicone cases that will protect the precious edge of your knives. Storing the knives properly will also prevent cutting accidents every time you wander inside your kitchen drawers.

Wash the knives carefully

How you clean your knives is also important in keeping a sharp edge. The most damage happens in the dishwasher because here, your knives come in contact with other silverware and ceramic dishes that hit their blade and can cause small imperfections in the edge. In time, with regular washing in the dishwasher, the knives can become dull and they will stop cutting into foods. Hand washing the knives can also affect them if you tend to soak them in water that damages the handle and if you don’t wipe the water off before storing the knives in a drawer.

Sharpen your knives

No matter how careful you are while handling your knives, they sometimes become dull and you will have to put a sharp edge on them again. For this, you should use a special knife sharpener instead of wiping the blade on any hard surface like stones or tiles. A knife sharpener comes with quality sharpening stones that protect the blades while sharpening them.

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