5 Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

If you are planning to start a diet for losing the extra weight, then you must keep in mind to include some healthy smoothies as well. There are plenty of healthy and delicious drinks of this type, that can help you in your fight against fat, and that will do miracles. Here are 5 smoothie recipes for weight loss, which are very easy to prepare, and most of all, will help you achieve your goal.

1. Apple Alkalaid

A glass of this amazing drink contains 5 g fiber, 115 calories, 30 g carb, 20 g sugar, 1 g pro, 0 gr fat, 19 mg sodium, and 0 sat fat. It is absolutely perfect for those who are on diet and want to lose the extra weight. Here are the ingredients: 1c ice cubes, 10 drops alcohol-free liquid stevia, 1tsp minced ginger, 1 med peeled and quartered lemon, ½ med cucumber, and 1 c loosely packed baby spinach. You must mix all these wonderful ingredients, except the ice cubes, into a blender, and blast for about one minute. At the end of this process, add the ice cubes and blast again until you obtain a smoothed drink.

2. Pineapple Salsa

If you are looking for a smoothie recipe that is delicious and it can also help you lose some weight, then Pineapple Salsa Smoothie is one of the best choices you could make. Here is what you need: 3c frozen pineapple, ¼ tsp natural salt, ¼ tsp finely grated lime zest, 2tbsp lime juice, 1tsp chopped jalapeno chile, ½ c finely chopped cilantro, 2 tbsp chopped cucumber, 2tsp chopped red onion, 1c baby spinach, and 1 ½ coconut water. Mix all the ingredients into a blender, and blast for 1 minute.

3. Peanut butter and banana

You need protein during your workouts, and the best way to get the amount of protein you need and lose weight with ease is to drink once a day this wonderful smoothie. You will need one-half banana, ½ cup almond drink, and ½ cup smooth or crunchy natural peanut butter. After you drink a glass of this wonderful smoothie, you will feel full and energized, and you will be bale to go for an intense workout, which will help you lose the desired weight.

4. Mango-avocado

If you want another great smoothie that will help you burn fat, then you should choose this one. This tropical treat will certainly do miracles. You will need to mix in a blender the following ingredients: 1tbs lime juice, ¼ cup vanilla yogurt, ½ cup natural mango juice, ¼ cup ripe mashed avocado, and ¼ cup cubed mango. It is highly recommended to have this drink once a day, in the morning, for several weeks, in order to lose the desired weight.

5. Watermelon

If you love watermelon, then you must know that this incredible fruit can definitely help you lose weight. This is one of the most amazing 5 smoothie recipes for weight loss, which you should certainly try. You will need to mix in a blender, 1 cup lemon sherbet or almond milk, with 6 cups chopped seedless watermelon. Keep in mind to use a body fat analyzer while you are one diet, in order to track all the changes your body suffers.

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