How to Make Your Kitchen Water Safe for Drinking

Water quality is very important because it has a serious part in keeping us healthy and away from many diseases caused by water pollutants. Given the advanced technologies we enjoy nowadays, providing our families with cleaner and safer water is not a problem so it should become a top priority. If you are interested in the subject, keep reading to discover how yo can make your kitchen water safe for drinking.

Install a water filter

The most efficient and simple way to make kitchen water more appropriate for drinking is to install a water filter. This way, you will be able to handle all the impurities that are usually found in tap water and you will keep your family safe from disease caused by contaminated water. However, finding the most reliable filter is not easy if you don’t know which type of contaminants every model can remove, which is why we recommend that you check the results of the MyHomeWaterFilter tests to see how different filters handle different contaminants. Having a water filter installed on your kitchen faucet will also mean that you will be using clean water for cooking and washing your fruits and vegetables. You can choose a faucet filter that removes sediments and large impurities in the water but we advise you to opt for an under the sink filter that uses several cartridges to remove dangerous contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria. This will guarantee that the water you drink from the kitchen tap is free of contaminants that could make you feel sick.

Make alkaline water

The quality of the kitchen water can also be improved by using a water ionizer that turns tap water into alkaline water. The alkalinity of the water is translated into the levels of oxygen ions it has, which influences its efficiency in hydrating your body. Also, it has to do with its acidity that has a serious part in improving your digestion. Tap water has a low pH of 7 that makes it very acidic while alkaline water resulted from using a water ionizer has a pH level around 14, meaning it’s more efficient in balancing your body’s natural pH. The water ionizer can offer you better quality tap water that brings many benefits to your health like making you feel more energized or feeling less discomfort after eating.

Distillation is an efficient method

In many cases, distilling the tap water can improve its quality and can make it safer for drinking because many of the water contaminants go away during the distilling process. This implies boiling the water and collecting the vapors while most of the contaminants are left behind. Although this method doesn’t handle harmful gasses like chlorine in the water, it does provide water up to 98% cleaner that your regular kitchen water. If you have a water distiller at home, feel free to use it in order to make water safer for drinking.

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