How to Stock Your Refrigerator During a Detox Diet

If you think that a detox diet will help you feel better, you should have a plan about eating healthy. It’s important to organize your refrigerator and keep just healthy foods in it at all times. If you want to follow a detox diet, you must know what to buy and how to prepare the food. Moreover, if you need help, it’s recommended to see a nutritionist. They can advise you better about the healthy food that your body needs.

The raw vegetables

Everybody knows that for a detox diet the most important foods are the vegetables. You can opt for carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and celery. You can store them properly in airtight containers after you wash them. This way they can stay crisp and fresh. If you want them to keep their own flavor, you should store them in different bowls. You will feel much better eating a salad or grabbing a veggie snack than eating a heavy meal. Moreover, try to prepare a saute with them. Add a little rice and you will get a perfect dish.

The fruits

Other important elements that everyone should have in their refrigerator are the fruits. Fresh, seasonal and organic fruits should complete your detox diet. It’s recommended to opt for seasonal fruits and try to avoid the ones from another season. For example, summer is the strawberries and cerise’s season. Aside from being the berry season, summer is also the perfect time to fill your refrigerator with melons watermelons. You will find juicy oranges and grapefruits in winter and apples, pears, and grapes in autumn. Similar to the vegetables, you can organize the fruits by putting them in different bowls. This way they will keep their flavor and freshness.

The citrus juice

Every people should have a homemade citrus juice in their refrigerator. This type of juice is good for your health and it should be always present in your diet. Limes and lemons are the best options for every season. Whether you make infused water, you prepare a citrus juice or you simply use them for salad dressing, these fruits are good for your organism. You will get more health benefits when you prepare a homemade fresh juice. It can be made from oranges, grapefruits, and even from vegetables. You can choose a carrot juice or a mix with carrots, bananas, and strawberries.


Nowadays, plenty of people prefer to fill their refrigerators with milk. Whether it is almond, coconut or hemp milk, this drink should be always present in your fridge. It’s recommended to choose organic milk which can be a great liquid base for every smoothie or milkshake you prepare. You can also mix these types of milk with cereals or dried fruits.

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